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Granting view-only access to your bank

Providing us with a view-only login for your financial institution saves you the time and hassle of having to provide us with your statements every month and ensures that we can complete your bookkeeping on a timely basis without nagging you.

Some banks call this “guest view”, “limited access”, “accountant view” or other fancy names, the key is that we only need to view and download PDF statements, CSV transactions, and check/deposit images.

We do not need nor want the ability to do anything else. In order to process your bookkeeping, we will need view-only access to all business bank accounts, credit card, loans, lines of credit, and merchant (payment processing) accounts.  If you use a payroll processor, we will also need access to their reports so we can reconcile that.

Some institutions will require an email address and/or phone number when setting up the login, please be sure to provide our contact information so that we can get the verification code to log on.  Please email us if you need this information.

⇒ Important- Do not set up our access on Friday afternoons or the afternoon before a Federal holiday.  Some institutions send the invitation with a time limit of 48 hours or less and we don’t want to have to ask you to send it again because we were out of the office and didn’t see it on time.

Please provide the credentials that you create via our client portal once you’ve set up the access.


If your bank isn’t listed below, please contact them directly for assistance on how to set this up as the process will vary from bank to bank.

* QuickBooks Online is starting to import statements for select banks.  If your bank is supported, and you have enrolled for this service, we can access your statements that way.  However, if you issue or deposit checks, we may still need view-only access to your bank to access those check images if they aren’t automatically imported into QuickBooks.

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