What is a Virtual Bookkeeper?

woman_computer_file_share_400_clr_7854A virtual bookkeeper is someone who works remotely, utilizing current technologies and the internet to complete tasks such as expense coding, reconciliation, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll processing, and financial reporting. Virtual bookkeeping is not location-dependent, and services may be offered to clients across the United States (or perhaps across the world).

How do I get my Information to you?

You can grant me "view only" access to your bank account, securely upload documents through QuickBooks Online, upload to a secure cloud storage folder or send via e-mail 


How do you access my accounting software?

grant me accountant access to your cloud-based accounting software

I already have a CPA or tax preparer. Do I need a bookkeeper?

Your CPA or tax preparer advises you on tax matters and helps you file your taxes. Your bookkeeper enters and classifies your transactions and provides up to date financial reports. I accurately reflect the state of your business, which is helpful to you for making business decisions, and helpful to your CPA/tax preparer at tax time.
In some cases, your CPA will act as your bookkeeper; while charging you double, or sometimes triple, of what I charge. Organized books make the life of your CPA/ tax preparer much easier, allowing them to focus on the tax aspects of your business and save you money as a result.
Why not hire an on-site bookkeeper instead?
Outsourcing your bookkeeping needs has become a cost-effective move. On-site bookkeepers require office space & furniture, a computer, employee taxes/benefits and administrative support. While on-site bookkeepers cost around $40,000 a year, a virtual bookkeeper will cost you between $1,200 and $19,500 a year, depending on the services contracted.
What bookkeeping software do you support?
I  support cloud-based bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks Online, Wave Accounting and FreshBooks OR desktop Quickbooks software installed on a secure server. This allows you to choose the software and services that make you feel the most comfortable and secure.
How do I get my financial data to you?
laptop-filing-secureYou have several options for sending me pertinent documents. You can upload through QuickBooks Online,  scan or snap a photo, and upload the files to me via Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote. Alternatively, you may choose to utilize Receipt Bank or ShoeBoxed. You can also grant me permission to your online banking access, to allow me to gather statements & transaction information. Most banks offer accountant logins with restricted access and permissions.