Live Support Sessions

Just have a few questions?

If you are usually comfortable with doing your own books in QuickBooks Online but got stuck with how to do something and need help with just that.  This session is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in the Live Support Session?

The session will cover the specific question or issue that you are having regards QuickBooks Online.  Examples include, how to correctly enter transactions or how to generate a report.

What is not included in the session?
The session does not include any of the following:
  • - Cleaning up your books
  • - Complex setup (ie. payroll, app integrations, etc)
  • - Sales Tax
  • - Inventory
  • - Any form of tax or legal advice
  • - Email support (we do offer a separate email support plan upon request)
How do I prepare for the session?
  • - Make a list of your questions
  • - Join the Zoom session from a computer.
  • - Have QuickBooks Online open and logged on and be prepared to share your screen.

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