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We love our clients and they love us!


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A joy to work with

Jessica’s experience provides a very formal foundation for accounting process however she also understands what’s important for a small business and can share how to make good decisions. She encouraging and positive nature is a joy to work with!

Chris J
Handyman Business

Fast Service

I recommend the professional bookkeeping services of Jessica Fox at Florida Virtual Bookkeeper.  She got me up to date with all of my bookkeeping for the past two years.  I am a startup company offering tutoring services, and Jessica and her team were able to itemize all the expenses and the income very fast.

My accountant told me that it was well done. They didn’t need any editing or any questions.

Elvis Arias
Seeking English LLC

Crucial to our nonprofit’s success

Florida Virtual Bookkeeper LLC has been crucial to the growth of our nonprofit organization (the NEC Society). Jessica established the NEC Society’s bookkeeping infrastructure so that we could expand, accelerate, and grow our capacity and potential. Thanks to Florida Virtual Bookkeeper LLC our organization has been well-positioned to receive and process our many large awards, grants, and gifts. Jessica is a problem-solver, personable, always quick to respond, and eager to help. The NEC Society highly recommends Florida Virtual Bookkeeper LLC.

Jennifer Canvasser

Very knowledgeable

Jessica is extremely knowledgeable about both bookkeeping and the intricacies of QuickBooks Online. She is patient, and able to explain things thoroughly. I feel more confident after working with her.

Diana M
Boat repair business

Great communicator

I chose you to help with my QB help because you are a clear communicator. You stood out among the many other people offering services. You also offer a product that is of great value.

Benjamin L
Landscape garden design business owner

I’m so happy to have found Jessica!

Jessica explains everything in an easy to understand way, but doesn’t talk down to non-financial types. She’s knowledgeable, professional, relatable, and a lot of fun to talk with. Projects happen exactly the way she says they’re going to, and my books were cleaned up in no time. I’m so happy to have found her!

Elisabeth C
Marketing Business Owner

A great return on investment

Smooth sailing! One of the things I value most about you, in addition to your expertise, your work ethic, and your commitment to our clients’ missions – is that you always say what you mean. You never agree to something that isn’t workable. You never say “yes” when your brain or heart says “no.” Instead, you say no and you spell out what does work. So when I make a request and you say yes, I know that you really mean it.

When the work was complete, I was able to look at my financials. If we had an ACH-only policy, I would have saved $5,000 last year. Wow. And because of what you did, we are going to implement an ACH-only policy and save $5,000 in the next year and the year after and the year after, if anyone is wondering how to get a return on investment on your services. That is one example.

Jaime Campbell
Tier One Services

QuickBooks cleanup and support

Having no real QB training myself I felt like you listened and were able to walk me through things patiently. It’s been a great experience. I now feel like I have a lifeline when things come up. You definitely know your stuff! Thank you Jessica.

Dana C.
Treasurer- nonprofit organization

Fantastic bookkeeping support

Extremely proactive with excellent communication.  Couldn’t ask for a better professional.

Mike Russo
Less Taxing Services

Helped me grow my business

Working with Jessica has brought me peace, clarity, and the structured understanding I have been needing for too long! Her clarity and patience in helping me finally understand my numbers has given me the confidence to take my business to the next level!

Ani Mercedes
Looky Looky Pictures

Great service

Jessica is fantastic! She is truly the best of the best!! She is able to sort through complicated matters and provide business owners with the important information they need to manage and scale their business.

Lacey Harnar
Lacey Harnar CPA

A Bookkeeping Angel

I just wanted to write this quick note to both thank Jessica Fox for her guidance and to let everyone else know who is currently in a similar position as I was that you don’t have to fear this bookkeeping stuff with Jessica on your team. I signed up for QuickBooks and thought I could tackle this on my own but quickly realized that I was in over my head. QuickBooks has a feature where you can hire a QuickBooks Pro, after reading a few profiles, I decided to reach out to Jessica. This was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. If you need some one that is knowledgeable, dependable and extremely patient then look no further then Jessica Fox, I guarantee it will be one the best business decisions you will make as well.

Richard Ali

Tax Ready Books

I own a busy tax and bookkeeping firm.  I first reached out to Florida Virtual Bookkeeper to help me with book cleanups that I was too busy for during tax season.

She works as fast as I do, is not afraid to ask for clarification when needed and delivers tax ready books every time.  I now outsource all of my bookkeeping clients to her and know that at year end those will be the easiest tax returns I’ll prepare.


Outstanding Service

My boyfriend wanted me to do the books for his new business.  The QuickBooks TV commercials lied, it’s not so easy!  I made a mess that I didn’t know how to get out of so I reached out to Florida Virtual Bookkeeper to help.

Jessica did a file review and I got a report outlining everything that needed fixing along with several options on how to proceed.  I loved how efficient the process was, how empowered me and my boyfriend felt and how all of my questions were welcome and addressed.

Our books our now clean and I know how to enter things so I don’t mess up but still rely on Jessica to review my work, reconcile everything and get us tax ready. A+

Kathleen K
Self Employed Handyman

I wish I had used this service from the beginning

I didn’t have good books for years because I thought my business was too small to bother. Instead, I paid huge fees to my CPA to make sense of my statements and receipts to prepare a tax return, it felt like such a waste of money and I had no way of knowing if what they did was right. I didn’t know how my business did until months after the year was over.

Florida Virtual Bookkeeper setup books that I can access at any time and updates them on my monthly basis.  I can see my profitability, my cash flow and any other data whenever I need.  Last year my tax preparer charged me a lot less just for the tax return because my books were impeccable and they didn’t have to do anything to them.


Beatrice L
Freelance Photographer

Very happy with the service

I was so happy to find Jessica to help me with my QuickBooks Online issues.  She is very knowledgeable, professional and the process was very efficient from beginning to end.

Michaela C.
Web Designer

Totally worth it

I used to think that I couldn’t afford to hire a bookkeeper so I first hired Jessica for QuickBooks training.  Her training was great but I quickly realized I was hurting myself by trying to do it on my own.

I reached out to Jessica again and had her take over.  She has provided excellent service and given me peace of mind knowing that my finances are tracked accurately.

Rafael R
Lawn Service

Great QuickBooks Expert

I am an accountant with decades of experience but when one of my clients switched to QuickBooks Online I was stumped and made a mess trying to figure it out on my own!

I reached out to Jessica who was able to quickly identify what I did wrong, fixed it and showed me the right way to do it.  I now outsource my QuickBooks Online clients to her because she is so good at it and saves my clients money by getting their books taken care of efficiently and accurately.

Karen B.
Self Employed Accountant

Very Knowledgeable

Very responsive and efficient service. Our QuickBooks Online was setup promptly and the training and support are excellent.

Christina R.

Got my books on track

I thought I knew how to use QuickBooks Online to do my own books. When I had to call QuickBooks support for a question, they referred me to a ProAdvisor and Jessica was the first result that stood out in the directory.

She did a QuickBooks review and found issues that I had no idea about! She explained in plain English what went wrong and I hired her to clean up my books and train me on how to do it right. It turns out that my mistakes led me to over report income on my taxes so now I get to file amended returns and get money back.

I still like to do my own books but now have Jessica review them regularly to make sure that everything is accurate.

Carrie E
Freelance Consultant

A great help with my Schedule C!

I didn’t think I needed a bookkeeper since I just do side hustle as a part-time income while my kids are little, that was until it was time to file my taxes, completing my schedule C was such a nightmare that I dreaded the next year.  Jessica got my books organized and taught me how to use the QuickBooks Online software to do most of it myself so she could just do a quick review later.

The year isn’t even over yet and I feel tax-ready.  The new organization has even allowed me to find deductions that I missed last year!

Kelly Martinez
Crafty Hip Mama


I thought that I needed a full-time bookkeeper for my small business but it turns out that I just needed an efficient bookkeeper. I hired Jessica for a short-term project while my usual bookkeeper was on maternity leave and I was amazed at how she got the work done in a fraction of the time and saved me a lot of money in the process!

I would have kept Jessica and fired my usual bookkeeper if she wasn’t a relative, that’s how happy I am with her work. Jessica was kind enough to teach me and my bookkeeper how to better use QuickBooks so my books are no longer a mess.

Carlos Santos
Granite and Marble Installer

Super Fast Delivery

My poor wife was in over her head trying to organize and track our income and expenses from my new home business.  We were in a rush to get our taxes filed and had no idea how we were going to be able to figure it out.   Jessica took our mess and fixed everything, not only for this year but retroactively to the beginning of the company.  She put a rush on everything and worked quickly to get us caught up.  She then took the time to train my wife via the internet on how to use Quickbooks and accurately enter everything so we won’t be in the same bind again.  Her prices are very fair but her service is worth 10 times the cost.

Jonathan Crenshaw
Self Employed

Best value for the money

Jessica has a good understanding of the needs of non profit organizations. I hired her to recreate a Quickbooks file that had been corrupted without backup, not only did she do an excellent job and configured backups so we would never be in that bind again, but she also updated our balances so that we could now look at Quickbooks and see the true financial position of our company. She also collaborated with our financial auditor and taught us the correct record keeping to have successful audits.

We were so pleased that I had her review, clean up and improve the bookkeeping of all 3 corporations that I own and provide training to our volunteer bookkeeper on how to best enter the transactions going forward.

A small investment in catch up bookkeeping has yielded great rewards in easy to pass financial audits.

Joe Coleman
Several Non Profit Corporations

A CPA’s blessing

I am a very busy CPA and noticed that my clients that used Florida Virtual Bookkeeper were my easiest clients.  Their books are always accurate, up to date and ready for tax filing.   I was so impressed that I had to give her a good review even though I have never used her myself.  I now plan to recommend her services to my clients that need help catching up their books.

Larry Brown
Certified Public Accountant

Great bookkeeping support for our non profit group

We had been struggling with keeping track of our member’s fees and group expenses, Jessica was able to quickly get our data cleaned up and caught up. She then set us up on an accounting program and trained me on how to use it. I am very blessed to have found her and strongly recommend her services.

Charlene Jackson
Local Homeschool Group

Great bookkeeping support

Jessica setup my Quickbooks, recreated the company file that had been destroyed (and I didn’t have a backup for) and entered and allocated all of the transactions from the box of receipts that had been spilling over under my desk. For the first time since I’ve had my home based business my accountant was able to just take my Quickbooks file and do my taxes without any follow up questions! This service is truly a blessing and well worth the cost.

Lourdes Geoffries
Self Employed

Quick Catch Up Bookkeeping

When I realized that the year was over and my regular virtual bookkeeper had not done any work in over 6 months and my Quickbooks was horribly incomplete.

I reached out to Jessica desperate to get everything caught up as soon as possible.  She got to work right away and in just a couple of weeks she had entered and categorized over 25,000 transactions between several bank accounts.  She even fixed some mistakes I made entering checks and got my 1099 and W-2 forms completed with plenty of time to spare.  My books were ready for my accountant earlier than usual!  She was truly a lifesaver.

General Contractor

Quick Turnaround- a lifesaver!

I thought I was going to miss the IRS deadline to issue a 1099 for my contractor until Jessica came to the rescue.  I contacted her 2 days before the deadline  and she was able to quickly and efficiently get the forms completed and submitted on time.

I am now using her for my monthly bookkeeping and it’s a relief to not have to worry about numbers, I can focus on my business and I no longer give blank stares when my accountant asks questions at tax time because he simply doesn’t have any questions anymore, my books are that good thanks to Jessica.

Erica S
Self Employed

Trust FL Virtual Book keeper!

Jessica has done book keeping and website design and maintenance for me since my business started, and we have known her family for many years. I trust her to get quality work done always in a timely manner and for a reasonable fee- she is on top of new technology as it becomes available and easily available to email exchange about concerns or special requests- we are very happy to have Jessica on our team!

Mary Rainer

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