WordPress Care Plans

Complete Peace Of Mind Knowing That Your Website Is Being Looked After

Do you value your website?
Your website is an important ingredient to the success of your business.

Do you know how to keep your website secure?
Successful websites are always up to date and fully functional.

Do you want peace of mind?
A skilled partner working with you to achieve your online goals can give you can give you peace of mind.

Do you have limited time to maintain your website?
If you are busy running your business and want an expert to keep you up to date, you need a Care Plan

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, you need a WordPress Website Care Plan.

Working with me gives you the peace of mind that your website is being monitored, optimized, updated and securely backed up all at a fraction of the time and cost it would take you to do it yourself. We bring continual value to your business by letting you focus on your business whilst we take care of your website.

Nothing about having a website is “build it and forget it".

An ounce of preventative maintenance is worth a pound of recovering from a crisis.

How we care for your site

All plans include:

Wordpress Core Updates
We'll update WordPress core files as they become available.
Plugin & Theme Updates
We'll update themes and plugins so your website will have the latest security updates.
Offsite Backups
Using Amazon S3, we'll have a fresh backup ready for emergencies.

Also available:

with select plans

Uptime Monitoring

If your site goes down, I'll know about it within minutes.

24/7 Security & Firewall

Your site will be monitored for malware and protected from hackers.

Database Optimization

Keeping your database clean and clutter-free can improve your site's performance.

Hack Cleanup/Restore

In case of a hack, we'll either clean the site or restore from backup.

Priority Support

Your requests will go to the front of the line for a quick response time to your support tickets and content updates.

Monthly Reports

Get an e-mail update so you are always in the loop and know what is going on with your site.

A plan for every need


Monthly Backups

Monthly WordPress Core Updates

Monthly Plugin and Theme Updates

10% discount on other services

No contract, cancel anytime

Month *

Monthly Backup

Monthly Security Check

Wordpress Core Upgrades

Plugin and Theme Updates

Monthly Client Report

10% discount on other services

No contract, cancel anytime

Month *

Daily Backups

24/7 Security Monitoring

Wordpress Core Upgrades

Plugin and Theme Updates

Performance Check

Google Analytics

Uptime Monitoring

Database Optimization

SEO Ranking Report

Monthly Spam Comment Cleanup

Priority Hacking Assistance

Priority Support- up to 2 hours

Monthly Client Report

15% discount on other services

No contracts, cancel anytime

 * Save 10% when paying for a year.

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You might be wondering...

Why does WordPress need updating?

Just like any software that you have on your computer or phone, WordPress needs to be updated on a regular basis. Updated versions are released frequently. Updating your WordPress site may seem cumbersome, but it’s very important.

Can’t you just do updates when I ask you to do something to my site, like a new page or feature?

This was fine in the past, but not with the amount of WordPress updates that are happening now. A couple of times a year is not enough to keep your site safe anymore. I will have an eye on your site regularly.

If I need pages or posts updated with content, is that included?

Content updates are available with the Plus and Premium plans, each plan allocates a set amount of time per month so I recommend "batching" your updates (ie. submit all update requests at once) to maximize your time and avoid being billed for updates over the time limit.

Will I be locked in a contract?

No contract, you can cancel at any time. I just ask you give me 5 days notice before the next billing date to allow enough time to cancel automated billing, do one final backup and remove my administrator access.

What if an update breaks my site?

I'll fix it, or I'll  roll it back to the previous version of the site.

How much time and what does it cost to fix a hacked site?

Anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks, depending on the size of the site, if you have backups etc. My hourly rate applies. This can cost anywhere from $160-$1500 per fix. If I have to completely rebuild a site from scratch, it’s like paying for it all over again. Not fun at all.  With the Premium Plan, I will either fix your site or if the damage is too great, restore from a backup at no extra cost.  

With the Lite, Basic and Plus plans, I will have recent backups available so your site can be restored for just $40.

Will this guarantee my site won’t get hacked or go down?

Nobody can guarantee that (and if someone does, they are lying to you). I can only help greatly reduce your risk by keeping your site updated with the latest security patches using a firewall to prevent brute force hacking attempts and keeping regular offsite backups.

What if my website gets hacked?

I will fix it. This service is included at no extra cost in the Premium Plan and available at a discounted rate for subscribers of all other plans.  Please do keep in mind that I’m not a 24/7 operation with a team of technicians. It’s just me. I will respond as quickly as I can but it may not be instantly. In some cases, a maintenance message will be placed on your site while or until I can restore your files. Every case is different and not all fixes are quick, if I already I have a recent backup on file for your site through your WordPress Care Plan subscription it will save a lot of time. One good note is, I will fix it so you don’t have to! 

What if I want updates tested on a staging server first?

All updates are "live updates" using a safe format where I do a quick test of the site and revert to the backup if things don't look right.  If you wish to have a staging server, I can set it up for you for a $99 one time set up fee and $10 per month.

What's included in Priority Support time?

Answering questions about how to update your website and other "how to" questions.  Simple fixes and content changes up to the amount of time included in your plan- like adding an image or changing the text on a page. For larger jobs, new features or redesigns, I'll provide a quote.

Does the monthly time rollover?

Monthly time does not roll over. It is there to reserve your place in my schedule for dedicated time and resources.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes! You can request to change your plan at any time with a simple e-mail.

Is there a discount for multiple sites?

Yes, email me with the number of sites and plan desired for a customized quote.

What are my responsibilities as a client?

Upon sign up,  I will need Administrator access to your WordPress site and FTP information for your hosting plan. 

If you notice any problems with your site you’ll report it promptly via e-mail so I can check it out. I rely on you to help me keep your site safe – often you (or your customers) are the first ones to see a problem. Otherwise - sit back and relax.

Doesn’t my hosting provide this?

No hosting provider is going to know your website like I do! However, some hosting packages do provide backup services (usually 30 days) and malware scanning. I suggest calling to find out exactly what you are paying for. Hosting and WordPress are two different things and fixing an issue is quite another! Many hosting providers will point you to resources you need a web designer to figure out when something isn’t working.

Does my host matter?

Yes it does – a high-quality host is especially important for business websites. This service will work with most hosts, but not all.  I can make suggestions based on your site needs and budget.

My site wasn't built by you, can I still be on one of your support plans?

I welcome new and returning clients who are looking for someone to provide dedicated long-term support.

To start, I would like to do an initial Website Evaluation to familiarize myself with your set up. Not all developers and designers use the same tools (and not all tools are equal), so I will have to make sure that your website is set up with professional-quality themes and plugins can be updated properly. If applicable, I will make a list of technical issues that need fixing, software that needs updating, and suggestions for overall improvements in order to proceed to a monthly plan.  This service is free with your new WordPress Care Plan subscription.  If you decide against signing up for the service or cancel your subscription within the first 30 days, you will be charged $35 for this website evaluation.

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