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Learn more about Website Design Services available

Learn more about Website Design Services available


Great Website

Thank You for all your hard work and putting up with me while launching my website.  I can’t tell you how happy I am with the work you’ve done. Really top notch. Thanks so much! Everyone that has seen it has loved it.

Sunshine Soul Healing

Trust FL Virtual Book keeper!

Jessica has done book keeping and website design and maintenance for me since my business started, and we have known her family for many years. I trust her to get quality work done always in a timely manner and for a reasonable fee- she is on top of new technology as it becomes available and easily available to email exchange about concerns or special requests- we are very happy to have Jessica on our team!

Mary Rainer

Brought my website to the 21st Century

For years I had a very outdated website that looked like something out of the 90s (because it was!). I didn’t have the budget to pay someone thousands of dollars to redesign it but at the same time I lack the skill the do it myself. Jessica created a modern system with a basic template and the color scheme that I liked that allowed me to easily enter the text and pictures that I wanted without having to know any complicated computer code. I am now able to easily update my website without any hassle or special skills. This was a great money saver and it’s a good option for the person that likes to DIY without learning computer programming.

Ariana Brown
Circle of the Golden Moon


I am JUST old enough to have missed any programming or any ONLINE training whatsoever in my formal education. I went straight from high school on to plow through three associate degrees in business and accounting while building my career as a stylist.
Now I find myself mid-30s, a mom of three and coddling this new TEENY TINY little baby business and I needed a little kick-off with all things website. Virtualbookkeeper has been AMAZING! The level of communication in a way that I can understand and learn as I go along has been just perfect. Everyone else I chatted with used all these terms that I didn’t understand and left me more confused. Virtualbookkeeper used the terms with explanation, allowing me to learn as I go. And the speed of things, WOW! I recommend this company to anyone looking to get a new website or maintain and better an existing one.

Brittany L. Beason

Good website for new business

I recently started a new business and desperately needed a web presence but couldn’t afford much to get it done. Jessica’s Starter package was the perfect solution. She took care of the technical programming/design component while I was able to save money taking care of adding the text.

The video tutorials were extremely helpful and she was easily accessible via email to help me along the way. I am very happy with the value and the product that I received.

John R