Pay your Invoice

Payment Methods Accepted:    

Pay with Credit Card:

Enter the amount of your payment and click the Pay Now button. If you have previously saved your credit card information, you can e-mail me and request to charge your payment to the card on file.

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Pay with Paypal (e-checks and credit cards):

Click here to be taken to my Paypal payment page or use the button below- please enter your invoice number and client name (if different from Paypal name).

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Pay with E-Check:

Click on the link in your e-mail invoice to securely pay with your bank account.  

To authorize recurring payments from your bank account, please download, complete and return this E-check Authorization Form


Pay with bank transfer via P2P:

Send payment to [email protected]  

This service is provided by many banks at no cost and you should be able to send the payment directly from your bank's bill payment online portal or app.  If your bank's bill payment portal requests additional information please contact me.