Catch Up and Cleanup Bookkeeping

This doesn't have to be you

Are your books neglected?

Have you been trying to keep up with your bookkeeping but not sure that you have been doing it right?

At times bookkeeping falls behind when new businesses are shaping up. Catching up becomes time-consuming and distracting. We help small businesses get up to speed. Our services help you to clean up your books and bringing them up-to-date.

Catch up services include reconciliation of records:

* Bank accounts, credit cards and lines of credit.
* Accounts receivable and accounts payable accounts
* Payroll records
* Enter missing data and rectify incorrect entries.
* Reorganize chart of accounts to ensure better financial management through effective reporting

Please note: We only accept a handful of clients at any given time for clean up and catch up bookkeeping services to be able to properly give our attention to your project as some projects can take weeks or months depending on complexity, so don't delay!

Our Process

Diagnostic Check
Clean Up
Step 1- File Health Check

The first step is for us to take a look at the state of your books to better assess your needs.  We check for:

* Set-up Issues
* Balance Review (looking for unusual balances, unexplained accounts, uncategorized income or expense)
* Improper workflow issues (unapplied payments to bills/invoices, undeposited funds not applied to deposits correctly)
* Reconciliation status and discrepancies

For all the above areas, we do a health check and provide a report outlining any issues discovered. Of course, if there are no issues, then we issue a "Clean bill of health!"

We offer both basic and in-depth health checks.

Step 2- Clean Up and Catch Up

We will correct the issues identified in the review.

The rate and timeline for this will depend on a variety of factors such as the period of time in need of catching up, the extent of the cleanup, number of accounts, number of transactions, etc. and will be customized for your unique situation.  A proposal will be provided once your file review is completed.

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