Save Money

dreamstime_m_7137746Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeper is a Cost-saving Measure!

When you hire an employee in a traditional relationship, you are committed to more than the base amount salary the employee receives. You must pay employer taxes, workers comp insurance, overhead for space and equipment as well as supplies, benefits and pay for time not worked, such as during vacations, holidays and sick time–even breaks and lunches. If you experience high turnover in the position, you will also realize considerable cost in recruiting, hiring, training, record maintenance and even severance pay.

However, if you hire us at a flat rate per month, you avoid the expenses required to house and supply an employee.  We are not an employee so you never have to create a human resource file for us. You get an experienced, quality bookkeeper; plus, you get to keep your private space private!

In addition to saving money you also get

No Hidden Fees
No Long Term Contract