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Get a free QuickBooks Online Subscription when signing up for a Deluxe Bookkeeping Plan.


Catch Up Bookkeeping

Books Review

Enter Missing Data

Fix incorrect entries

Reconcile all accounts for past periods

Bookkeeping Review

Identify Setup Issues

Review Balances

Identify Improper Workflow Issues

Review Reconciliation status and discrepancies

Discounts Available to:

  •  501c3 Non-Profits Organizations
  • Local non-profit community-based organizations
  • WAHMs (Work at Home Mothers)


All rates are for Remote/Virtual work.  Additional fees apply for tax forms (such as W-2 and 1099 forms) and mailing documents.

Package Pricing Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping packages start at only $75 per month and are customizable to your business' specific needs.

All packages are customized to the specific needs of your business so rates will vary.


New QuickBooks File Setup 

When your accounting software is set up correctly initially it moves cleanly and efficiently down the bookkeeping highway. If the setup isn’t right everything goes off kilter from there and becomes very complicated to clean up and correct.

Standard Setup: Starts at $150

* Company Data
* Standard Chart of Accounts
* Item Setup
* Beginning Balance Establishment
Add-on:  Setup payroll- Starting at $50, Setup Sales Tax: $50


Premium Setup: Starts at $250

* All Standard Options
* Customized Chart of Accounts
* Customer / Job Setup
* Class Structure
* Customization of Invoices, Sales Receipts, and Statements (up to 3 versions). A customization is a specialized layout and presentation of the invoice to match your brand.
Add-on:  Setup payroll- Starts at $50, Setup Sales Tax: $50

Conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online- Starts at $300
Price will depend on many factors including the type of conversion (full or lists and balances only), the amount of information to be converted and industry-specific features used such as payroll, inventory tracking, etc.  A review will be needed before an accurate cost can be provided and to ensure that QuickBooks Online is right for you.  The review cost is $50 and will be credited towards your conversion fee if converted within 30 days.

What’s in the Box? (Catch Up Bookkeeping)

Box-of-ReceiptsDo you have that crazy box or grocery bag where every receipt or maybe most of your receipts or maybe personal and business all get thrown until year end and then you spend an agonizing week or more trying to remember what happened 11 months ago? Did you spill coffee on a large pile of these receipts at one point also?

I can take that box of who knows what and create a company file that you can be proud to bring to your accountant. No more paying high hourly rates to your CPA to do the data entry that didn’t get touched for a year.

This is one of my most innovative services available.  I am in close communication with you to be sure it’s correct but I will not burden you with the basic day to day expenses that everyone has.

The cost will depend on the extent of the catchup and complexity of cleanup, there are additional mailing fees if you choose to not submit the receipts electronically.  A Book Review is encouraged in order to provide an accurate estimate.  The value of the time and money you save for tax season can barely be calculated!


 Additional Services:

QuickBooks Online Training

Online one-on-one or group training on how to use QuickBooks Online with 7 days of unlimited email support.  Starts at $100.  Support period extension and phone support available for an extra fee.


Full Service Payroll- (for single state businesses).  Starts at $50 per month + $4 for each employee per pay period. Includes free direct deposit and payroll tax filings.  Setup and optional training fees apply. The setup fee is waived if setting up payroll to begin in January or you are a brand new business with no historical data to enter.

Processing and Entering Payroll into the Third Party Provider of your choosing (ADP, QuickBooks Payroll, Xero Payroll, Wave Payroll, etc):  Starts at $10 per pay period for the first employee, $2 for each additional employee when subscribing to any monthly bookkeeping package.  Please email me if you want a payroll only quote.

Accounts Receivable

Starts at $25 per month, varies by the number of documents created.

  • Client invoice creation
  • Prepare monthly client statements, if needed

Accounts Payable

Starts at $25 per month, varies by the number of bills per month.

  • Enter bills into accounting system
  • Process vendor payments utilizing online banking or 3rd Party payment service such Plooto or create "to print" checks in QuickBooks Online for you to print later.

Quarterly Payroll and Sales Tax Services

Starts at $50 per form:

  • Quarterly payroll return preparation (Form 941 and State Unemployment Compensation)
  • Annual Form 940 preparation
  • Quarterly sales tax return preparation (Florida only- available monthly if required by your state)

Year-End Tax Support Services

E-mail the number of employees/contractors that will need W-2 or 1099 tax forms and whether you desire electronic or paper filing for a custom quote.  Monthly bookkeeping clients get a discount on this service (Included with Premium package, plus employee/contractor form fees if applicable).

  • Subcontractors- preparation of yearly IRS 1099 forms
  • Preparation of yearly 1096 IRS transmittal
  • Employees- Preparation of yearly W-2 forms
  • ACA 1095 forms if applicable
  • Bookkeeping Subscribers also get: Annual information package prepared in digital format for your tax preparer including a copy of your December bank statement and reconciliation report,  Income Statement, Balance Sheet, copies of the payroll tax and sales tax filings and copies of invoices for any fixed asset purchases made that year.

Green Package/ Paperless Filing:

Starts at $50 per month ($45 for bookkeeping subscribers), price will vary based on volume.

* Organization of receipts, invoices, bank statements and credit card statements for archiving in secure cloud storage.
* Includes Hubdoc subscription with convenient email and mobile app document upload ($20 value)
* Optional document scanning available for $1 per page plus return postage fees.
* Yearly CD/DVD and USB drive backups available for an extra fee.





We offer flat rate pricing for all monthly services to allow you to easily budget your costs.  Services not included in an agreed package will be billed on an hourly basis with a 1-hour minimum.

Payment methods accepted: ACH Bank Transfer (e-check), Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.

For package subscribers: Automatic recurring payment is required, you will receive an authorization form when setting up your account and it must be returned before work commences.  The default payment date is the 1st of the month but a custom payment date is available by request.

For all other services:  Invoices will be submitted on a weekly basis and due upon receipt unless otherwise negotiated.

A late payment fee of 1.5% per month will apply for all payments more than 10  days past due.  All current work will be suspended until your account is brought current.  If an invoice is overdue for 31 days or longer your agreement will be canceled.

A fee of $25 will apply for Returned Payments and future payments will only be accepted via credit card or Paypal instant transfer.