Small Business Bookkeeping and Website Support


  • Ongoing, one time or Catch Up bookkeeping
  • Data Entry
  • Cost Allocation
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Financial reports
  • Payroll/ Payroll Taxes
  • Starter WordPress websites
  • Website backup and security updates
  • Website firewall and security scanning
  • Administrative support


  • Data security and confidentiality
  • Experienced professional at a low price
  • Flexible terms to match your needs
  • Transparent pricing and no hidden charges
  • Fixed fee option if that suits you better
  • No long term contracts
  • Discounts on Quickbooks Online subscriptions
  • Flexible payment options
  • Limited bartering available

Small Business Owners:

Bookkeeping Help

  • Just getting started?
  • Not sure how to get everything entered?
  • No time to do this and everything else?
  • Have a year's worth of  financial backlog to catch up on?
I can help take this burden off you so you can focus on growing your business.


Industries I’ve Helped

  • Self Employed/ Sole Proprietorships
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Freelance Consultants
  • Service Providers
  • Construction and Contractors
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • WAHMs (Work At Home Mothers)


If you need bookkeeping or website support please send an e-mail.


Client Reviews

Great bookkeeping support

Jessica setup my Quickbooks, recreated the company file that had been destroyed (and I didn’t have a backup for) and entered and allocated all of the transactions from the box of receipts that had been spilling over under my desk. For the first time since I’ve had my home based business my accountant was able to just take my Quickbooks file and do my taxes without any follow up questions! This service is truly a blessing and well worth the cost.

Lourdes Geoffries
Self Employed

Brought my website to the 21st Century

For years I had a very outdated website that looked like something out of the 90s (because it was!). I didn’t have the budget to pay someone thousands of dollars to redesign it but at the same time I lack the skill the do it myself. Jessica created a modern system with a basic template and the color scheme that I liked that allowed me to easily enter the text and pictures that I wanted without having to know any complicated computer code. I am now able to easily update my website without any hassle or special skills. This was a great money saver and it’s a good option for the person that likes to DIY without learning computer programming.

Ariana Brown
Circle of the Golden Moon

Great website and bookkeeping support for our non profit group

We found Jessica when our little local homeschool group website got hacked. Who would have thought that a basic website would be targeted by foreign hackers?

Jessica was able to recover our data, clean out the malware and restore our website. She also configured security monitoring to help prevent future attacks. While talking to her we discovered that she also does bookkeeping and it felt like a sign from God. We had been struggling with keeping track of our member’s fees and group expenses, Jessica was able to quickly get our data cleaned up and caught up. She then set us up on a free accounting program and trained me on how to use it. I am very blessed to have found her and strongly recommend her services.

Charlene Jackson
Local Homeschool Group

Trust FL Virtual Book keeper!

Jessica has done book keeping and website design and maintenance for me since my business started, and we have known her family for many years. I trust her to get quality work done always in a timely manner and for a reasonable fee- she is on top of new technology as it becomes available and easily available to email exchange about concerns or special requests- we are very happy to have Jessica on our team!

Mary Rainer

Great Website

Thank You for all your hard work and putting up with me while launching my website.  I can’t tell you how happy I am with the work you’ve done. Really top notch. Thanks so much! Everyone that has seen it has loved it.

Sunshine Soul Healing

Quick Catch Up Bookkeeping

When I realized that the year was over and my regular virtual bookkeeper had not done any work in over 6 months and my Quickbooks was horribly incomplete.

I reached out to Jessica desperate to get everything caught up as soon as possible.  She got to work right away and in just a couple of weeks she had entered and categorized over 25,000 transactions between several bank accounts.  She even fixed some mistakes I made entering checks and got my 1099 and W-2 forms completed with plenty of time to spare.  My books were ready for my accountant earlier than usual!  She was truly a lifesaver.

General Contractor

Best value for the money

Jessica has a good understanding of the needs of non profit organizations. I hired her to recreate a Quickbooks file that had been corrupted without backup, not only did she do an excellent job and configured backups so we would never be in that bind again, but she also updated our balances so that we could now look at Quickbooks and see the true financial position of our company. She also collaborated with our financial auditor and taught us the correct record keeping to have successful audits.

We were so pleased that I had her review, clean up and improve the bookkeeping of all 3 corporations that I own and provide training to our volunteer bookkeeper on how to best enter the transactions going forward.

A small investment in catch up bookkeeping has yielded great rewards in easy to pass financial audits.

Joe Coleman
Several Non Profit Corporations

Quick Turnaround- a lifesaver!

I thought I was going to miss the IRS deadline to issue a 1099 for my contractor until Jessica came to the rescue.  I contacted her 2 days before the deadline  and she was able to quickly and efficiently get the forms completed and submitted on time.

I am now using her for my monthly bookkeeping and it’s a relief to not have to worry about numbers, I can focus on my business and I no longer give blank stares when my accountant asks questions at tax time because he simply doesn’t have any questions anymore, my books are that good thanks to Jessica.

Erica S
Self Employed

A CPA’s blessing

I am a very busy CPA and noticed that my clients that used Florida Virtual Bookkeeper were my easiest clients.  Their books are always accurate, up to date and ready for tax filing.   I was so impressed that I had to give her a good review even though I have never used her myself.  I now plan to recommend her services to my clients that need help catching up their books.

Larry Brown
Certified Public Accountant